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2014-05-05 (Monday)


  1. ntlk’s blog: Chrome obfuscates the URLs, Google benefits

    More good words on why a Google Chrome hiding URLs is bad. “Removing the URLs from the browser is an attempt to expand and consolidate centralised power.” (via Stellar)

  2. Adactio: Journal—URLy warning

    Jeremy Keith is, as usual, right. Chrome removing the URL bar makes me much sadder, and a bit angrier, than any UI tweaking should.


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    @FinalBullet @russss …getting a pension, getting decent holiday, in central London, with plenty of resources." Not exactly charity work :)

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    @FinalBullet @russss Well, yeah. Behind every "we're doing important work" is "and working with nice, clever people, getting paid well…

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    @FinalBullet @russss But I'm just reading between the lines, having never worked there.

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    @FinalBullet @russss I'd find dealing with that disconnect difficult myself, but understand completely why people do it. This is the chance.

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    @FinalBullet @russss Because if you wait for your favourite party to be in power… they might decide to screw it all up even more.

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    @FinalBullet @russss …and so it would be stupid to not join the non-political civil service and take this opportunity while it exists.

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    @FinalBullet @russss I *imagine* it's more that this has been a very rare moment when it's possible to do digital stuff the "correct" way…

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    @matthewward @MarkMellman (I can see the general idea, but it feels overly skewed to make a particular point.)

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    @matthewward @MarkMellman Looks more like “costs of tech have fallen more than other things” (shock!), esp given the skewing of the y-axis.

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    Other forthcoming 80s nostalgia Lego:

    Miner's Strike Lego
    ICBM Lego
    IRA Lego
    Tipper Gore Lego
    Falklands War Lego
    When The Wind Blows Lego