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2015-10-09 (Friday)


  1. Ask Culture and Guess Culture

    I’ve a feeling I’ve read something like this before, but it’s still good. On why some people are comfortable asking for things they might not get, while others find this rude and awkward. (via Stellar)

  2. Histography - Timeline of History

    Nice explorable timeline of different categories of things pulled from Wikipedia. A few annoying interface things, inevitably, but fascinating. (via Kottke)


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    @wearehireable Hi! Why are you sending me spam?

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    @jkottke The correlation between percentage of not-sent-Tweets and the user’s position on introvert/extrovert spectrum might be… obvious?

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    @jkottke I think this is healthy, and feel Twitter might be a better place if more people showed our restraint.

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    @ammonite I’ll have to add that to next week’s stats now.

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    How I did on Twitter this week: 3 New Spammers, 2 Regretted Tweets, 4 Deleted-Before-Sending Tweets, 428 Tweets Unread Because Dull. You?

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    @Beeker Happy Birthday! [all the emojis]

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    @russelldavies belated 👍🏻

    City of London, London, United Kingdom

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    When mainstream tech publications send me email interview questions I respond like this. I don't get published often

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    @philgyford If we wait long enough, a tweeting extrovert will be along to explain it to us.