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Links tagged with “theater”

  1. Young Directors’ Guide to Lighting

    A nice guide by Alex Forey to how theatre directors should work with lighting designers. (via Interconnected)

  2. In which Phil uses his loaf for once « West End Whingers

    (A different Phil.) The National Theatre made out of bread.

  3. Theatricalia

    Matthew Somerville’s new theatre database site. It already features nearly 19,000 productions, and you can add more.

  4. Reduced Circumstances - Current showcase

    Run actors’ showcases at Soho Theatre twice a year.

  5. West End Whingers

    I’m enjoying this blog’s theatre reviews. Intelligent but down to earth and nothing too obscure.

  6. The Terrific Electric, by Boiler Room for BITE 2007 at the Barbican - a photoset on Flickr

    Photos from the dress rehearsal of the play I enjoyed at the Barbican’s Pit a couple of weeks ago.

  7. Internet Theatre Database

    “Archiving and catalogizing professional theatre.” Yes, “catalogizing.” Looks to be Broadway only at the moment

  8. IBDB: The official source for Broadway Information

    Comprehensive (goes back decades in great detail) but Broadway-only theatre database.


    The “local theater version of”, local being three US cities.

  10. London Theatre Blog

    Looks like good stuff. (via Encore Theatre Magazine)

  11. The Stage | Newsblog | The play(wright)’s the thing….

    About group-devised theatre vs theatre written by a playwright, which made some things floating in my head solidify a bit. (Plus my comment beneath it.)

  12. Aurelian Koch

    This chap teaches one of our classes at LISPA and he showed us some of these photos. Fab costumes and seats made using some interesting materials.

  13. Theatre of All Possibilities - Gallery

    Interesting-looking London/Santa Fe theatre company, and these videos hint at doing interesting things with computer generated stuff.

  14. LRB | David Edgar : Stalking Out

    Review of a John Osborne biography with lots of interesting history about 1950s/60s London theatre, especially ‘Look Back in Anger’, Stratford East, and the Royal Court, and whether theatre was shaken up or not.

  15. Actors & Writers London

    Someone emailed to point me at this and I’ll lose it if I don’t link to it. Fortnightly rehearsed readings of new plays.

  16. London Centre for Theatre Studies

    Year-long, 40 hours per week (over 4 days) acting course for mature students. Sounds very intense.

  17. The Stage Online :: Newsblog

    I stumbled across the Stage’s weblog earlier in the week, and it’s very good indeed.

  18. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | The invisible man

    David Nicholls on realising, after eight years as an actor, that he just wasn’t very good.

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