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2009-11-01 (Sunday)


  1. In which Phil uses his loaf for once « West End Whingers

    (A different Phil.) The National Theatre made out of bread.

  2. My DebugBar | CompanionJS / HomePage

    More tools with which to beat IE into submission. (via Haddock)


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    Twitter seems to be full of spam this evening. And all posted by friends.

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    If I say it, it might happen: I'm going to reserve Fridays for Pepys, homework, and other quasi-work stuff, so I enjoy weekends more.

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    Browsing other recordings of 'Music for 18 Musicians' (I have Ensemble Modern's), I stumble across AllMusic review by friend @tedmills. Hi!

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    @moleitau All the grown-up zombies and witches last night were like stag and hen parties that expect you to interact with them. Ugh.

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    I'm the only person here who thinks Halloween is a bit rubbish, aren't I.