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Links tagged with “scripts”

  1. Philgyford’s mailman-archive-scraper at master - GitHub

    My first Python code and my first attempt at using GitHub. Suggestions for things I’ve done wrong are welcome, but please be gentle.

  2. “Petty” » Rescued Geocities ‘Fry and Laurie’ Scripts

    It’s not only nice that he’s rescued another GeoCities site, but that it’s one I remember visiting a lot back in the day and had completely forgotten.

  3. TV Writing - Pilot School

    Scripts for loads of pilot episodes of (mostly) US TV shows. (via John August)

  4. Goings On: Online Only: The New Yorker

    Syndey Pollack looked for “the ache” in stories. “It is the ache of having one chance at deep love in a lifetime of shallow loves, and losing it too early.” Yes, that’s it exactly. (via Daring Fireball)

  5. Software projects - For Omnigraffle

    Handy scripts for Omnigraffle. Stars, charts, graphs, spirals, arcs, etc.

  6. BBC - Writersroom - Scriptsmart - Script Formats

    Different formats for film, TV, radio and stage scripts.

  7. Celtx - Overview

    Free, good-looking software for writing scripts, storyboards, planning productions, etc.

  8. My So-Called Life, Episode 19

    We finished watching the series this week. I feared it wouldn’t have stood the test of time, but it was mostly good, and the final scene had me in tears.

  9. Mysql automatic backup script - AutoMySQLBackup

    Looks very handy, and better than my too ad hoc approach.

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