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2007-12-28 (Friday)


  1. The Adaption to my Generation - A Daily Photo Project ++ c 7 11 23 ++ JK Keller

    Self-portrait photos, daily for eight years. Not as hypnotising as Noah Kalina’s SImpsons-parodied one, but more extensive. Best when he grows his hair. (via Kevin Kelly)

  2. Software projects - For Omnigraffle

    Handy scripts for Omnigraffle. Stars, charts, graphs, spirals, arcs, etc.

  3. The Colorblind James Experience: Absolutely More!

    History of the band, with MP3s to download, by people in the band.

  4. Rickstones Yearbook 1986 - a photoset on Flickr

    Photos and drawings from my school 21 years ago. You can see me in class 4R (the same photo as 4C on the thumbnails). Also, top row of thumbnails, fourth from left. Good work Ted!

  5. Grange Hill Online | Series 31 is coming!

    Being shown “exclusively” on CBBC”, old theme tune returns, age range covered is moving downward for a younger audience, “fantasy sequences” being introduced… doesn’t sound good.


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    At home, CSSing weblog templates for coins again. Unusual little headaches keep appearing and disappearing in my skull.