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Links tagged with “salary”

  1. Salary benchmarking for London - Cogs Agency Cogs Agency

    2015/16. Interesting, although I take these with a pinch of salt. And all the tables are an image, so they obviously want to keep this data hidden from some people.

  2. Salary benchmarking for London 2014/2015 - Cogs Agency Cogs Agency

    Salaries and freelance rates for a variety of roles.

  3. Salary survey 2012

    A survey of “creative and marketing professionals” - basically all the roles in agencies, as far as I can tell. Both permanent and freelance.

  4. FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator

    Helps you work out how much you need to charge to cover your expenses and desired profit. Although that doesn’t necessarily bear much relation to the market. (via Haddock)

  5. IT Jobs Watch, Tracking the IT Contractor Job Market

    Tracks rates offered for different categories of IT jobs in the UK (permanent as well as contract).

  6. SR2005000136_Pay_Grades_Salary_Ranges.pdf

    Ever thought of applying for a BBC job and wondered how much it paid? Here’s your answer, via Freedom of Information (from 2004-5).

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