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20 November 2009


  1. IT Jobs Watch, Tracking the IT Contractor Job Market

    Tracks rates offered for different categories of IT jobs in the UK (permanent as well as contract).

  2. Ie6-upgrade-warning - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Easy-to-slot-in warning to users of Internet Explorer 6 to upgrade. Please.

  3. The Space Elevator Games

    $4,000,000(?) up for grabs at the current games. The beginnings of a possible bit of future right here.

  4. Giving What We Can

    A pledge to give 10% of one’s income to what they reckon are the most cost-effective charities. (via Preoccupations)


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    Breakfast; Pepys; lunch; Pepys; swimming; learning Django at the coffee shop; Maths; now, cooking.

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    Innovating 24/7. (24 minutes an hour, 7 hours a day. On a good day.)

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    Lying on the sofa, reading the FT and Economist and complaining about the music when you haven't even bought a drink... Hanging? Beheading?

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    The delights of coffee and pastry at Fix marred only by trainee shirts discussing how to get hired as graduate traders. Prefer hipsters.

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    Nov. 1666, London celebrates plague is over. 0.0015% of population still dying every week, equivalent to more than 100 people a week today.

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    "Up, and to the office..." Again? Really? You do surprise me.

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    @dracos That can't possibly be true! The internet said otherwise! The internet can't lie or jump the gun, surely!?