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2009-11-20 (Friday)


  1. IT Jobs Watch, Tracking the IT Contractor Job Market

    Tracks rates offered for different categories of IT jobs in the UK (permanent as well as contract).

  2. Ie6-upgrade-warning - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Easy-to-slot-in warning to users of Internet Explorer 6 to upgrade. Please.

  3. The Space Elevator Games

    $4,000,000(?) up for grabs at the current games. The beginnings of a possible bit of future right here.

  4. Giving What We Can

    A pledge to give 10% of one’s income to what they reckon are the most cost-effective charities. (via Preoccupations)


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    Breakfast; Pepys; lunch; Pepys; swimming; learning Django at the coffee shop; Maths; now, cooking.

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    Innovating 24/7. (24 minutes an hour, 7 hours a day. On a good day.)

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    Lying on the sofa, reading the FT and Economist and complaining about the music when you haven't even bought a drink... Hanging? Beheading?

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    The delights of coffee and pastry at Fix marred only by trainee shirts discussing how to get hired as graduate traders. Prefer hipsters.

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    Nov. 1666, London celebrates plague is over. 0.0015% of population still dying every week, equivalent to more than 100 people a week today.

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    "Up, and to the office..." Again? Really? You do surprise me.

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    @dracos That can't possibly be true! The internet said otherwise! The internet can't lie or jump the gun, surely!?