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2011-12-02 (Friday)




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    @jwheare @riglondon @tomtaylor We have our own anthems!

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    The Soundrop app on Spotify is both wonderful, brilliant fun and also almost utterly unusable.

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    The thing/story/experience I worked on with @hidingseeking and others has launched: Have a slow, thoughtful “play”.

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    @D_Nye_Griffiths Can you put it back on the hook? It might get dusty down there.

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    @alruii It works!

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    Saturday, instead of taking your child to a bookstore, show them your Kindle library and say "When I die, you're not licensed to use this."

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    Bartender asks a woman what she wants. "An entendre," she says. "Make it a double." So he gives it to her.