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Links tagged with “retirement”

  1. The Safe Withdrawal Rate Series – A Guide for First-Time Readers – Early Retirement Now

    A 49-part (!) series of blog posts about safe withdrawal rates for retirement. (via Monevator)

  2. Accounting for big expenses and depreciation in your FIRE budget - Monevator

    I haven’t often seen this aspect discussed at length in early retirement planning articles.

  3. Dynamic asset allocation and withdrawal in retirement - Monevator

    The second of the three posts about living off his investments (the third is less interesting).

  4. Decumulation: a real life plan - Monevator

    The first of three posts in which The Accumulator outlines his financial plans for living off his investments.


    UK retirement calculator that looks different from the usual. Would be nice if some of the assumptions could be tweaked.

  6. FI Calc

    Not only an extremely nicely done retirement calculator but it also has a clearly-written guide.

  7. What happened to Early Retirement Extreme? An update from Jacob Lund Fisker

    The father of “Financial Independence / Retire Early” on what he and his wife have been doing for the past decade or so of not having to work.

  8. What is a sustainable withdrawal rate for a world portfolio? | Monevator

    I’ve read many times that a 4% “safe withdrawal rate” is too optimistic, but not a simple breakdown like this of the adjustments to it that one should make.

  9. Book: Living off Your Money, by M. McClung -

    I got through most of this long topic earlier in the year, and the book sounds good. But it’s time to close the tab.

  10. Retirement Investing Today: Resignation in

    I’ve been reading RIT for a few years and, after One More Year or two, he’s retired. Good work.

  11. Savings Rate - the four pot solution - 7 Circles

    An interesting spreadsheet for planning savings for retirement that I hadn’t seen before. UK based.

  12. FIRECalc: A different kind of retirement calculator

    It amazes me someone could go to this much effort to create a very complex tool (scroll down…) but leave the interface so bafflingly impenetrable. (via Mr Money Mustache)

  13. Retirement Researcher Blog: The Shocking International Experience of the 4% Rule

    Historical number-crunching, looking at one of the universal rules-of-thumb of financial blogs. (via Monevator)

  14. » Update 1 – From the Windy City Early Retirement Extreme: — a combination of simple living, anticonsumerism, DIY ethics, self-reliance, and applied capitalism

    Just for the metaphor about why it can be good to have a slightly popular blog, but not too popular: “if you’re living in the 16th century, discussing your round earth theory with fellow scientists is good. However, being publicly known as the round-earth guy will get you burned at the stake.”

  15. Financial independence / early retirement / lifestyle design

    While I’m at it, the newish Financial Independence SubReddit is full of this stuff.

  16. Simple Living in Suffolk

    Another UK-based early retirement type blog but, it seems, with very, very long posts.

  17. Monevator — Make more money, invest profitably, retire early

    A UK-based blog along the Early Retirement Extreme lines.

  18. Mr. Money Mustache | Putting the Cash in your Stash

    Along the lines of Early Retirement Extreme, but a bit more lively (for good and bad).

  19. Peak oil, the next Kondratiev cycle, generational turnings, and ERE Early Retirement Extreme: — The choice nobody ever told you about

    Great thinking on long term futures. Kondratiev cycles, peak oil, the downturn, the next world war, generations. Well worth a read.

  20. Three different definitions of retirement and the resulting confusion Early Retirement Extreme: — when more time > more money

    I’m not sure how accurate or generalisable this is, but I like the suggested generational distinctions between what “retirement” means.

  21. Early Retirement Extreme: — written by Jacob Lund Fisker, Freelancer

    Fascinating to read something like this (save 70-80% of your income, invest it, spend little, retire after five years) written by someone who has the perspective to know it’s not for everyone. (via Oliver Burkeman’s Guardian column)

  22. Early Retirement

    By Philip Greenspun. One can dream. Two general tips: don’t read news/email in the morning or your brain will fill and you’ll get no work done; and spend more time with other people to increase happiness — computer programming is bad. (via Kottke)

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