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2021-04-29 (Thursday)


  1. Accounting for big expenses and depreciation in your FIRE budget - Monevator

    I haven’t often seen this aspect discussed at length in early retirement planning articles.

  2. Atlas Minor • 8½

    “Could you leave everything behind and start from zero again? Pick one thing, and one only, and be absolutely devoted to it? Make it the reason for your existence, the thing that contains everything, that becomes everything, because your dedication to it makes it last forever?”

  3. Map of Reddit

    I love maps of the internet. (via Web Curios)


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    @fka_tabs The only UK suggestion so far was the returned-from-the-dead . Popbitch reminds me that is still going and their weekly newsletter is a welcome reminder there's still daft stuff being made all the time.

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    I love it when a blog that seemed long-dead springs back to life in my feed reader (@feedbin), and it’s not because the domain lapsed and it’s been taken over by affiliate marketers. 6 years since the last post! Feed readers are magic.

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    @RichardYoung Oh yes, thanks - I’d seen a note that Web Curios would be back but hadn’t noticed the recent email (it arrived at the bottom of my neatly organised Feedbin folders).

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    So, what newsletters/blogs/whatever am I missing, focused on UK/Europe/elsewhere, written by people who “get it” (still surprisingly rare), about net culture, art, business, media, fandom, memes, etc?

    Other than NTK a couple of decades ago? Don’t make me go back in time again.

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    Now isn’t the same but, with the newsletter explosion, there’s SO MUCH interesting American internet writing happening. But if there’s great UK (or other non-American, English-language) internet weird culture/business/media news writing it’s passed me by.

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    Back in the 1990s the UK felt noticeably behind the US in terms of internet culture and business - there was a clear lag of months or years before some things reached us.

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    I love Garbage Day, Money Stuff, Today in Tabs, etc (and, if I had more time, Sidechannel stuff) but I feel tired and remote reading about American dramas all the time. Is there anything UK based that gets ::waves arms:: all this? What am I missing?

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    @TerryDwyerSyd @samuelpepys I assume that any class connotations have changed over decades, never mind centuries. Also, Pepys has supper in the evening, rather than tea. And breakfast doesn’t often get a mention - only 41 times out of over 3400 entries:…

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    what's a photograph that you would like to see made into an entire prestige tv series

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    Recaptchas embed American cultural imperialism.

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    @philgyford I like @ChaoyangTrap for Chinese meme stuff!

    Agreed that the UK feels denuded on the blog/newsletter front…