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2021-03-24 (Wednesday)


  1. All Prints – Ian Phillips

    Really lovely woodblock and linocut prints.

  2. Dynamic asset allocation and withdrawal in retirement - Monevator

    The second of the three posts about living off his investments (the third is less interesting).

  3. Decumulation: a real life plan - Monevator

    The first of three posts in which The Accumulator outlines his financial plans for living off his investments.


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    Sometimes I feel fancy and like to make my cheese and pickle sandwich into a Pret A Manger cheese and pickle sandwich by adding some mayonnaise.

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    Socialist computers on parade in East Berlin, 1987.

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    friend: how's the new job?

    me: can't complain

    friend: what's with the beeping collar?

    me: *tearing up* can't complain