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2011-10-20 (Thursday)


  1. Peak oil, the next Kondratiev cycle, generational turnings, and ERE Early Retirement Extreme: — The choice nobody ever told you about

    Great thinking on long term futures. Kondratiev cycles, peak oil, the downturn, the next world war, generations. Well worth a read.


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    This is a really good futures read about Kondratiev cycles, peak oil, the next world war, generations……

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    @maxgadney I love old art schools with odd-shaped rooms and years of paint, tape, staples etc. I fear it’s just stupid nostalgia though.

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    @joe_malia Batman only stands there when he’s weeing.

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    I can't pay my next month's mortgage. RT @KimKardashian: You guys have to check out how cool our plane was to Dubai!