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2018-07-11 (Wednesday)


  1. Retirement Investing Today: Resignation in

    I’ve been reading RIT for a few years and, after One More Year or two, he’s retired. Good work.


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    @tomstuart 👌🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

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    @tomstuart I was in the US when Princess Diana died and, yes, it was exactly like that. I came back and everything was fine here. Absolutely fine. Really, really fine.

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    @jaggeree You’ve found the single flaw in their plan! Now’s your chance to beat them to the IPO with your own start-up!

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    @paulpod Your investment will unlock an extra dimension!

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    You know when you’re at the pub and having silly ideas and get carried away with ridiculous plans and the next morning you don’t look back and laugh and get on with your day, but actually do it despite it sounding even more crazy in the cold light of day?

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    By popular request, here's a quick follow-up comparison of street network orientations in cities around the world:…

    Berkeley, CA, United States

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    Wow. England fans in Hyde Park celebrate Kieran Trippier's semifinal goal v Croatia

    #CRO #ENG #ENGCRO #WorldCup

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    This is an absolutely perfect picture.

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    Is it just me who wishes Parliament would move away from the dated and pathetic jeering and whooping and just conduct itself like a GROWN UP SEAT OF FUCKING GOVERNANCE? #PMQs

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    Our Summer Exhibition #ImageOfTheDay today is Russell Davies and Ben Terrett's knitted acrylic piece 'Half and Half Art' #RASummer #WorldCup