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Links tagged with “money”

  1. How I Fell for an Amazon Scam Call and Handed Over $50,000

    Horrible. Phones were a mistake. (via

  2. Minimum salary required in London: £500k? | FIRE v London

    Staggering. You might need something to take out your anger on.

  3. The Life Behind the Lifestyle Blog — Matter — Medium

    Interview with Ben Hammersley about his personal finances. Very unusual to read his level of detail and it is fascinating. It’s difficult to talk about money but I think it would be better to be more open. Tricky though.

  4. Financial calculators and tools collected

    All the financial calculators, mostly UK-oriented, you could need.

  5. Do We Need to Fire the Entire Financial Advice Industry?

    A good rant about how much financial advice assumes the advice-seeker’s large level of spending is perfectly fine.

  6. Fund directory - Investment Management Association

    Compared to other fund searching tools, this is quite quick and simple, and has an “Ethical” filter. (via Monevator)

  7. Retirement Researcher Blog: The Shocking International Experience of the 4% Rule

    Historical number-crunching, looking at one of the universal rules-of-thumb of financial blogs. (via Monevator)

  8. Freelance Fees Guide: Photography / Books

    As a guide for when companies email you saying, “Can we use your Flickr photo in our book?” (via Haddock)

  9. Financial independence / early retirement / lifestyle design

    While I’m at it, the newish Financial Independence SubReddit is full of this stuff.

  10. Simple Living in Suffolk

    Another UK-based early retirement type blog but, it seems, with very, very long posts.

  11. Monevator — Make more money, invest profitably, retire early

    A UK-based blog along the Early Retirement Extreme lines.

  12. Mr. Money Mustache | Putting the Cash in your Stash

    Along the lines of Early Retirement Extreme, but a bit more lively (for good and bad).

  13. Early Retirement Extreme: — written by Jacob Lund Fisker, Freelancer

    Fascinating to read something like this (save 70-80% of your income, invest it, spend little, retire after five years) written by someone who has the perspective to know it’s not for everyone. (via Oliver Burkeman’s Guardian column)

  14. Information is beautiful: The BBC-O-Gram | News |

    Useful to get an overview of where the BBC’s money gets spent. Cutting 6Music and Asian Network doesn’t save much compared to the total.

  15. FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator

    Helps you work out how much you need to charge to cover your expenses and desired profit. Although that doesn’t necessarily bear much relation to the market. (via Haddock)

  16. Giving What We Can

    A pledge to give 10% of one’s income to what they reckon are the most cost-effective charities. (via Preoccupations)

  17. Systemic - Too cheap to meter

    Trying to calculate the monetary value of distant planets. I’d like to see calculations with a different example at the start, and different measures of inflation.

  18. The Online Photographer: The Trough of No Value

    It’s lovely when you find a phrase to name a thing you’ve always known but never been able to reduce to a handful of words. (via Kottke)

  19. Maybe Money Does Buy Happiness After All - New York Times

    A paper rebuts the Easterlin paradox (that above a certain level money doesn’t make one happier). (via Kevin Kelly)

  20. Fundable Online Fundraising

    Ask people to pledge money to something you do. No one pays anything until you reach your funding target. (via Kevin Kelly)

  21. Measuring Worth - Calculators

    Tools for calculating things like the current value of historical UK pounds or US dollars.

  22. Economic History Resources - How Much is That? (British Pounds)

    Handily converts the value of money in past years (back to 1264) to 2002 values.

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