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7 June 2013


  1. TypeMedia TypeCooker: Generator

    “A tool for generating type-drawing exercises. The system creates a random list of requirements for a typeface, but with relevant criteria.”

  2. Sketching Out of My Comfort Zone: A Type Design Experiment | Typographica

    A nice post about doing a sketch of a new typeface every day.

  3. Do We Need to Fire the Entire Financial Advice Industry?

    A good rant about how much financial advice assumes the advice-seeker’s large level of spending is perfectly fine.

  4. Ipswich man in Japanese Earthquake, of 1923 — Kindred Spirit

    My grandad’s account of surviving the Yokohama Earthquake of 1923. Also, a photo of the old Gyford greengrocer in Ipswich.


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    @tomcoates Yeah! Ugh, since starting this tweet I’ve had a go on @nickludlam’s Oculus Rift and now I feel a bit sick.

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    @Harkaway Reminds me of @mala’s post about public/private/secret… (10 years ago, eek!)

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    Oops, wrong window.

  • philgyford’s avatar‘paveway2’).set_target( prism.get_message(‘a84ec760-cf73-11e2-8b8b-0800200c9a66’).location ).launch()

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    @Timo The top two things I’m endorsed for too. I guess they’re closer to what I actually do, but still… seem like stupid vague things.

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    @suegyford This is good on the not-being-surprised thing:…

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    @suegyford But also, I think there was at least a general assumption of some kind of judicial oversight. Not “we can see it all, whenever.”

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    @suegyford That’s partly what I thought too. But, as someone said, if you think this is a normal thing, that in itself is pretty bad.

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    @tomcoates That was good! No idea what was going on.

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    @Preoccupations I find it a bit weird that he’s only upset about spying on Americans.

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    If learning “the way the world works” causes horror and surprise, maybe the problem isn’t with naïveté, but with the way the world works.