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2015-06-14 (Sunday)


  1. Minimum salary required in London: £500k? | FIRE v London

    Staggering. You might need something to take out your anger on.


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    @andylou123 There are others reading along, but not as many as first time round. I’m glad you’re enjoying it - there’s plenty left to go!

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    eg, “Somewhere on Twitter there’s probably a timeline in which that Sunday Times article on Snowden is seen as a solid piece of journalism!”

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    The many-worlds interpretation of Twitter: every possible idea, belief and meme has occurred in some other user’s timeline.

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    @johndodds Yes, there is that. I guess it actually made me feel more content!

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    Hours after reading it, still struggling with the idea that these people think of themselves as “the squeezed middle”…

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    Their facial expressions are just the same! Like their smile freezes and their eyes are going "Oh shit I'm caught"

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    Fuck me that must have been some laser.

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    @cityofsound “Little Timmy Trembleshanks”