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2012-01-21 (Saturday)


  1. Comments switched off

    I’ve switched comments off on this blog, because of the number of spam comments.


  1. Freelance Fees Guide: Photography / Books

    As a guide for when companies email you saying, “Can we use your Flickr photo in our book?” (via Haddock)


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    @realmonkeybear I walked in part-way through that and was convinced it was Blair talking. Voice sounded so similar.

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    @mildlydiverting @FinalBullet @rachelcoldicutt What?! I've spent all evening on my “It is I, LeClerc!” Back to the drawing board. “’tler!”

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    Thinking, “I like so-and-so’s recent albums,” and realising those albums came out twenty years ago. And that twenty years isn’t long.

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    Might be fake of course, but this is The City.

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    Found a watch in the locker at the gym this morning, so handed it in. Just seen how much Breitlings cost. *blink* Hope the owner is pleased.

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    Since the BBC have updated Sherlock so successfully from the 19th to the 21st century, might they do the same with Top Gear?