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Links tagged with “metafilter”

  1. We want to talk about Metafilter. (r/MetaFilterMeta)

    Some jaded people discuss MetaFilter away from MetaFilter itself. A bit odd. Unsure if it’s good(ish) or bad.

  2. Anti-Hauntology: Mark Fisher, SOPHIE, and the Music of the Future | MetaFilter

    I found this discussion interesting (can’t read the linked article) although I also wanted to disagree with everyone, for reasons I can’t quite work out. (via Things Magazine)

  3. I Found A Drain And Drained A Flooded Street During A Storm | MetaFilter

    “A person going by the name post 10 clears blocked storm drains and posts unexpectedly satisfying videos of doing so to YouTube.” Very satisfying.

  4. “You carry a 00 number, it means you have License to kill, not GET killed!” | MetaFilter

    Nice comparison of Bond with the full-time, permanent company man, versus Bourne as a freelance flexible worker.

  5. The Beginning of the End of Big Government IT | MetaFilter

    Good discussion of this stuff, with calm defences by danhon and migurski in the face of (understandable) cynicism that sees the private sector as either big, dumb corporates or small, dumb Silicon Valley techbros. (via @neb)

  6. Ask Culture and Guess Culture

    I’ve a feeling I’ve read something like this before, but it’s still good. On why some people are comfortable asking for things they might not get, while others find this rude and awkward. (via Stellar)

  7. Help me help my friend in DC. | Ask MetaFilter

    Blimey. I’m all teary. Internet is good.

  8. Comments on 1142 | MetaFilter

    A bit more flurry about weblogs and “3000 word” Ben Brown-style essays, post SXSW 2000. Quaint.

  9. You’re not helping | MetaTalk

    Oh, apparently I shouldn’t have posted that (to me) fascinating question because it’s too hypothetical. Shame. Seems more interesting than “How do I fix my Mac”, etc.

  10. What to do now to improve the human race in the long term? | Ask Metafilter

    After reading ‘Last and First Men’ I’ve been wondering this, so I asked Metafilter.

  11. I was never any good at sports… | Ask MetaFilter

    Recommended sprawling post-modern novels, for if I ever finish the ones currently on my shelf. (via Chris, not Tom Carden (my feeds are all a blur))

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