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Links tagged with “jasonkottke”

  1. Wordle Sold to the NY Times. And That’s a Good Thing.

    I have zero interest in Wordle but this is a lovely piece by Jason Kottke.

  2. The cultural shift from not selling out to blowing up

    “…hip hop won and indie rock lost (culturally speaking) and as a result, blowing up has become preferable to not selling out.”

  3. “I’ve never had a goal”

    On the benefit of not setting yourself goals.

  4. Oral History: Sex! Drugs! Apps! SXSW Interactive At 20 | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

    Mainly for the 2000 era memories, the Weblogs Roundtable, etc. I only felt like an observer - I wasn’t blogging and didn’t know anyone really - but I’m happy I was able to be there.

  5. Unlikely simultaneous historical events

    Some great stuff there. Also makes me think a site that just summarises interesting Reddit pages would be great (does it exist?) because I can’t be bothered to trawl through the source page itself for more examples.

  6. Scott Adams on success

    On why “follow your passion” is bad advice. I wish I could remember the tags I’ve used for this kind of thing before though.

  7. Datamoshing

    This stuff is awesome… ten years ago we wouldn’t be able to see this as anything but an ugly mistake. In a couple more years it’ll look really dated. It’s now, yesterday’s future here.

  8. Survival tips for the Middle Ages

    Completely awesome stuff. I’ve thought about this kind of thing loads since I was a kid - how would you cope if you travelled back in time? Lots of conflicting ideas there.

  9. Business lessons from the donut and coffee guy (

    A post from 2003 about a guy on a stand who lets customers make their own change.

  10. Watch these movies, then we can talk (

    Film critic Jim Emerson’s list of 102 movies you should see before you’re movie literate. At the time of writing I’ve seen 41 but can remember little about any of them.

  11. The economics of movie popcorn pricing (

    See my two comments… so I don’t lose those links again (the rest of the page is by weird popcorn-eating people).

  12. Trains :: NYC High Line, 02/2004 (

    I love the subtle navigation on Jason’s new photo library pages.

  13. My business influences (

    Jason on companies with appealing business ethics.

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