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2018-05-14 (Monday)


  1. The cultural shift from not selling out to blowing up

    “…hip hop won and indie rock lost (culturally speaking) and as a result, blowing up has become preferable to not selling out.”

  2. Zno - next gen photobooks, Layflat Photo Books…

    Because I came across these a couple of weeks ago and then forgot the name, unsurprisingly. (via The Online Photographer)

  3. An Algorithmic Investigation of the Highfalutin ‘Poet Voice’ - Atlas Obscura

    Trying to nail down exactly what makes a Poet Voice. (via Buckslip)

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    I made a dress out of googly eyes (about 3,000 of them) too, for my Antagonistic Couture thesis project. It felt like armor, literally and figuratively. @SimoneGiertz