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Links tagged with “comics”

  1. Comics — Jeffrey Alan Love

    I love the comics and illustration work here. Shows what you can do with not much more than silhouettes. (via Warren Ellis)


    Very good. And even only recognising a handful of the comic artists copied, it’s great just as an example of how many different ways you can draw a black-and-white comic. (via @yoz)

  3. The Bouletcorp » Our Toyota was Fantastic.

    This is lovely. A comic, with the panels looping minimal animation. Gorgeous. (via Russell Davies)

  4. Boiling Spacetime: How Time Works In The Graphic Novel

    Warren Ellis: “You can make time run so fast that the reader thinks that your comic has been injected into their eyeball, or so slow and heavy that the reader feels like you’ve boiled a doorstop novel into some condensed informational substrate.”

  5. D’Blog of ‘Israeli: Lowlife: Creation Part Five: All The Joy I See Through These Architect’s Eyes

    Brief looks at many of the ways different artists have drawn Judge Dredd’s Mega City One. (via Haddock)

  6. Doonesbury Comic Strip, June 17, 2012 on

    I just cried at an eight-frame comic (well, eight frames plus the previous x years).

  7. The Pratfall of Penny Arcade - A Timeline

    I love catching up on drawn-out internet cultural events that are huge to a small number of people but of which I’m completely unaware. (via Waxy)

  8. Family Tree - Comics UK

    I hoped this existed and it does! Wonderful. Try ‘Buster’ as a title. Awesome.

  9. - Tom Cruise’s Starring Role in Watchmen Narrowly Averted

    Phew indeed, but there’s other interesting stuff about this inevitable project. “Your movie audience is basically where your comic book audience was when the graphic novel was written.” (via Haddock)

  10. The Fate of the Artist - Alan Moore’s London

    Eddie Campbell on the photographic references he used to draw ‘From Hell’. (via Rodcorp)

  11. Bigger than Doonesbury (Pete Ashton’s Weblog)

    On Doonesbury disappearing from the new Guardian, and then being reinstated.

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