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2012-06-18 (Monday)


  1. Doonesbury Comic Strip, June 17, 2012 on

    I just cried at an eight-frame comic (well, eight frames plus the previous x years).

  2. The Online Photographer: Set Those Expectations Low

    “Photography is a superb hobby, one of the best. It’s when you try to make a living at it that it is so likely to resist you. I don’t think other hobbies have this problem. I mean, consider, say, fly-fishing, or building plastic model planes. Very few people who do those things assume they’re going to ‘go pro’ someday. Very few people try. It doesn’t generally come up.”

  3. Republicans for Revolution by Mark Lilla | The New York Review of Books

    “People who know what kind of new world they want to create through revolution are trouble enough; those who only know what they want to destroy are a curse.” Also for the definitions of “liberal” and “conservative” half-way through, and the potted history of the origins of neoconservatism.


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    Tired, backache, stiff neck and shoulder. Walking round the flat like Mrs Overall.

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    @iamdanw Oh, I only just discovered/remembered it and used it today. *crosses fingers*

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    @pixellent Not as cool as a bazooka.

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    @dotcode Would’ve been awesome if the dog was called Enoch.

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    @spaceboy Ha, I had the exact same problem. Can't work out when to watch part 3. Maybe sometime in lieu of caffeine.