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  1. The X of Generation X

    W. David Marx: “…the loudest complaints about ‘cultural stasis’ tend to come from Gen X adults whose cultural interests have long been anchored in obscure and openly-artistic cultural forms.” (via Russell Davies)

  2. I’m an expert in crowd behaviour – don’t be fooled that everyone queueing in London is mourning the Queen | Stephen Reicher | The Guardian

    Good on the many motivations, and the chilling effect of the media’s simplistic reporting of them. (via @mik3yb)

  3. What Kind of Country Do We Want? | Marilynne Robinson | The New York Review of Books

    “We are the richest country in history, therefore richer than the generations that built it, but we cannot bring ourselves even to make repairs.”

  4. Drunk Mel Gibson Arrest Diorama - YouTube

    Very, very good video that you should watch. No, really. (via @genmon)

  5. Obsidian

    I’ve been finding Simplenote a bit too simple recently, and this notes app looks very interesting. (via Technovia)

  6. Trillions – What is a trillion dollars? — Information is Beautiful

    Nice comparison of many countries’ GDP, companies’ values, potential spending plans, potential savings, past events, personal wealth, etc.

  7. Ask me, I know

    Archive of AskAllison from HotWired in 1995. Oh the backgrounds.

  8. Oliver Frey obituary |

    Sorry to hear this. His art for Crash was a big part of my childhood. And I didn’t know he also created gay erotica! (via Things Magazine)

  9. Malcolm Gaskill · Like Oysters in Their Shells: The Death Trade · LRB 18 August 2022

    Interesting review of a book about funerals, cremations, embalmers, grave diggers, etc.

  10. Cramming ‘Papers, Please’ Onto Phones | Development Logs by Lucas Pope

    I’ve never played it but this was still an interesting read about converting a one-year-old desktop game to work on phones.

  11. On 25 Years Of Loving The Counting Crows

    Just read this, linked from the earlier piece, which is quite good about favourite bands. Also, unexpectedly, it begins in Hereford. (via Griefbacon)

  12. The Fence, The Ideas Man

    “on Lawson’s personal insistence, ‘all – all – work was to be done through an old version of Excel,’ Amia told me, ‘including reports, copywriting, personal note-taking and drafts; things that no sane person would do in Excel.’” (via @kaptinhansum)

  13. august and everything after - by Helena Fitzgerald

    Lovely, lovely writing about this 1993 Counting Crows album which I have always been a bit embarrassed to love. (via MetaFilter)

  14. The day the music died? Welcome to Denmark Street and Tottenham Court Road’s new ‘digitally enabled streetscape’ | Architecture | The Guardian

    Roman Moore on more dollops of massive-but-shallow private glitz replacing the unique, interesting and characterful bits of London.

  15. ‘The council tenants weren’t going to be allowed back’: how Britain’s ‘ugliest building’ was gentrified | Architecture | The Guardian

    Two weeks on, still a bit glum about this article about the redevelopment of Balfron a tower by Oliver Wainright.

  16. Making the world’s fastest website, and other mistakes - DEV Community

    I enjoyed this detailed look into how to make Kroger’s website much faster. All the way through I was thinking, “How will you get the org to adopt your changes?” and inevitably… (via @simonw)

  17. Does Marie Kondo’s Method Really Work? - The Atlantic

    Talking to a bunch of people who tried her method to get rid of belongings, and how things are a few years later. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  18. Mike Davis on death, organizing, politics, climate change - Los Angeles Times

    What it says in the title. An interesting interview. (via FaveJet)

  19. Tom Blomfield: Monzo growth

    How they got to 1 million users. Most interesting for the things that worked differently to expected, for better or worse.

  20. Adactio: Journal—Directory enquiries

    Good quotes and thoughts on younger people having no understanding of folder structures etc. I love, and often think in, hierarchical structures like directories.

  21. We want to talk about Metafilter. (r/MetaFilterMeta)

    Some jaded people discuss MetaFilter away from MetaFilter itself. A bit odd. Unsure if it’s good(ish) or bad.

  22. The Balletic Millennial Bedtimes of ‘Normal People’ | Lorrie Moore | The New York Review of Books

    From 2020. I liked, about millennials, “They have no authentic counterculture…”. If all culture is easily accessible, can there be any counter? (I don’t know if this is right, but interesting.)

  23. Open Lecture at CIID: “Keeping up with the Kardashevians” – Petafloptimism

    Matt Jones on stuff done at BERG and Google, and our anti-anti-utopian future. (Video plus slides & transcript.)

  24. The Online Photographer: My Second Article for

    It’s such a pleasure reading his excitement about this article, and the difference between his blog posts and a New Yorker article. Lovely article too.

  25. The Overedge Catalog: The Future of Research Organizations

    “devoted to collecting the intriguing new types of organizations and institutions that lie at the intersection of the worlds of research and academia, non-profits, and tech startups.” (via Web Curios)

  26. Me, But Online

    “A collection of minimalist, original personal websites with great typography.” (via Web Curios)

  27. ‘A massive betrayal’: how London’s Olympic legacy was sold out | Olympic legacy | The Guardian

    I am shocked, shocked! that the Olympics wasn’t a great way to redevelop part of London. Who could possibly have guessed.