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  1. Did Samuel Pepys Write ‘The Taverns Are Full of Gadabouts’ in 1665?

    I feel quite chuffed to have a blog post quoted on Snopes.

  2. The Sentence is a Lonely Place - Believer Magazine

    Text of a lecture by Gary Lutz. So many examples and explanations of amazing sentences from American fiction.

  3. Ange Mlinko · Just a Diphthong Away: Gary Lutz · LRB 7 May 2020

    Lots of great lines quoted from Lutz’s short stories here.

  4. The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | The Many Faces Of Housekeeping: How Wealth & Privilege Are Distorting Underground Music

    The fourth DJ “… appears positively relatable by comparison, having merely been a director at Citibank for 13 years before launching his own investment fund.”

  5. The Last Psychiatrist: Luxury Branding The Future Leaders Of The World

    From 2011. A fun read, superficially about Patek Philippe’s advertising. (via Dan Hon)

  6. Responsively App | A Web developer’s browser

    View a web page at several different device sizes simultaneously, with synchronised movements and clicks. Seems brilliant. (via Waxy)

  7. Moving to zsh – Scripting OS X

    This was helpful. Yes, I’ve just upgraded to Catalina. Hello 2019.

  8. Bulma: Free, open source, and modern CSS framework based on Flexbox

    One of those “I’ll forget the name if I don’t bookmark it” things. Looks nice, as these things go. (via Infovore)

  9. Said the Gramophone: CUE SYNTHESIZER

    “I thought I could handle repetition. I thought I flourished in repetition. Scheduled days, habit. But tonight these groundhog days are wearing me out.”

  10. JustWatch - The Streaming Guide

    I keep forgetting the URL of this site I occasionally use to check that the TV show I want to watch is only available on platforms I don’t have. So, bookmarking it.

  11. ‘Everything is at its lowest point of energy’ - awful mass

    I like these “uninteresting photographs”, the discussion of what makes for an uninteresting photograph, the search terms used to find them, etc.

  12. Mansionism 1: Building-Milieu Fit

    One post in and I’m enjoying this new blogchain looking at which possible futures would be a good fit for mansions.

  13. Running Costs

    I love this breakdown of the costs of running Buttondown’s email newsletter business. I wish more small companies would/could do this.

  14. 15 Years of | Flickr

    Screenshots of the home page through the years, from 1994 to 2009.

  15. How the Virus Won - The New York Times

    Very good telling of the story. This is all a bit much isn’t it. (via Waxy)

  16. Coronavirus tracked: has your country’s epidemic peaked? | Free to read | Financial Times

    Good (terrifying) charts. Nice that there’s a lot of explanation too.

  17. Basecamp: Until the End of the Internet

    Even if they didn’t make this specific commitment, having *any* public policy about how long you plan to run a site/service for, or the conditions under which you would close it, is refreshing. (via @simonw)

  18. The Gentle Author’s Coronavirus Diary | Spitalfields Life

    This, and the linked piece, ‘On Recovering From The Coronavirus’, are lovely gentle writing. Also features Pepys.

  19. Gen Z Is Making Fun Of Millennials On TikTok

    I’ve enjoyed the relationships between generations since Gen X, so. (via Please Like Me)


    Nice personal playlist project by Hanif Abdurraqib. (via Football Morning in America)

  21. Weeknotes 031 - Making all the Things

    A lovely collection of tools. A reminder that being able to code is really useful for scratching personal itches.

  22. Quotebacks

    Simple tool for quoting other sites in your posts. Seems very nicely done, and with good intentions. By Tom Critchlow and Toby Shorin.

  23. ‘We were let loose’: my art school days, by Peter Blake, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Steve McQueen and more | Life and style | The Guardian

    I love reading stuff like this – and how directors made their first film – even though it makes me feel inadequate.

  24. How to Survive an Apocalypse and Keep Dreaming | The Nation

    Native Americans “are a postapocalyptic people”. (via Kottke)

  25. 365posterblog. – All the best vintage graphics and poster news from around the web

    Not just posts about nice posters but also lots for sale. (via @undermanager)

  26. Walton Secondary School 1950/60s films by Lou Broom | Walton Tales

    These are quite charming and a bit “folk horror”. Probably best to turn the sound off.