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Writing tagged politics

  1. The natural order of things

    Bits from an LRB review of a book about how socialism has disappeared from America.

  2. Tech’s tunnel vision

    Trying to imagine a less capitalist worldview for the tech industry.

  3. Twelescreen

    I made a big-screen Twitter client devoted to showing Tweets from the UK and US governments and security forces because the Tweets seem scary.

  4. Ask About Going Home

    About a Tumblr I knocked up to highlight the absurdity of the UK Border Agency’s and Home Office’s anti-illegal-immigration campaigns.

  5. They hate competition

    On companies hating competition.

  6. Slender gains

    A bit from a review of a book by Katherine Boo, about how the poor complain about their neighbours more than they do about the rich.

  7. Placards for everyday life

    Placards aren’t just for demonstrations, but should be carried more frequently.

  8. Zing!

    Two good quotes about politicians from Stewart Lee and Simon Hoggart.

  9. Protecting the City

    David Cameron protecting the City of London — not the UK — in Europe.

  10. Asymmetry

    The asymmetry of how we judge others, at an individual level and as one country to another.

  11. Ships, terrorists, red tape, persons

    Notes from an article about the history of English law.

  12. A metaphor

    The only two responses Palin’s team could make to the Giffords shooting that make sense.

  13. I want to care

    The mainstream political parties don’t need social media strategies. They need policies that we can care about.