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Writing tagged Lilia Litviak

  1. Final Lilia Litviak thoughts

    One last thing… well, three. There are three thoughts I wanted to write down that sprung from the _Lilia Litviak_ performances so here they are before I lose my notes…

  2. Lilia Litviak performances

    All of a sudden it’s over. Two performances, and that’s it. Thankfully the thing seemed to work and people enjoyed themselves.

  3. Lilia Litviak technical rehearsal

    The technical rehearsal was difficult. I’ve no idea how good the final performance will be.

  4. Lilia Litviak dress rehearsal

    The dress rehearsals went fairly well, and the inexpensive costumes look great. But we’ve only the technical rehearsal to go before the performance.

  5. Lilia Litviak run-throughs

    We were prepared for our first run-throughs to be pretty ropey, but they were far worse than we expected.

  6. Lilia Litviak rehearsals

    The process of putting the play together, creating it pretty much from scratch, and how difficult it can be with a very stylised play.

  7. Lilia Litviak workshops

    How we started work on turning the script into a play.

  8. See me in a play

    I’m going to be in a play about Lilia Litviak, a female World War II Soviet fighter pilot.