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Monday 7 April 2003

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I thought there must be some schemes that made donating to charities more tax efficient than simply saying goodbye to chunks of money. And there is, as The Giving Campaign describes. The simplest method for individuals to donate is Gift Aid: When you give money to a charity you tell them you want it to count as Gift Aid, or fill out a form to that effect. The charity can then claim 28 per cent of the donation from the Inland Revenue, boosting their income. And if you are a higher rate tax payer, you can also claim 18 per cent of your Gift Aid donations back when you fill out your tax return. If you’re a member of any charities you can also pay your membership fees through Gift Aid (depending on what you get in return from the charities), as this Inland Revenue leaflet on individual giving describes.


...and you can get a CAF Card from the Charities Aid Foundation which works like a kind of charity credit card and automates the tax reclaim bit. Most big charities accept payment by CAF Card just as if it were a credit/debit card (Comic Relief, for instance) or you can give to *any* recognised UK charity via the CAF web site You can also get information about CAF and the card there.

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