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Thursday 3 April 2003

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UpMyStreet is already geo-encoded in a way of course, as almost every page contains specific information about the user’s postcode. However we’ve now linked things together using latitude and longitude in three ways:

You may wonder why. And that’s a good question. I’m certainly not going to register all 1.7 million UK locations with But I thought this might be useful stuff; there might be someone who can do something useful with these hooks into UpMyStreet’s pages, hooks that are more open than the obscure world of UK postcodes. It is, as the converter page says, still kind of beta, and I’d welcome any comments on errors, or, even better, thoughts on what could be done with all this, or what you’d like to do.

If you’re interested, the Geography::NationalGrid Perl modules may be useful to you, and the fascinating Ordnance Survey Guide to Coordinate Systems in Great Britain, in HTML or PDF.


Having identified the latitude and longtitude coordinates for my post code it would have been interesting to see which towns cities landmarks share one of these co-ordinates, for example am I further north or south than toronto or am I on the same level as moosejaw.

Posted by Richard Hyett on 3 April 2003, 9:33 pm | Link

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