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Links tagged with “web”

  1. 404PageFound – Active Vintage Websites, Old Webpages, and Web 1.0

    Lots of old sites that are still live. (via Web Curios)

  2. Web Badges World | The ultimate archive of 80x15 pixel button art

    One for the old nostalgic web folk. (via Web Curios)

  3. Tasty Bits from the Technology Front: TBTF for 1998-05-11: Lizard lips

    Find me at hat tip lizard lips woo woo woo dot gyford dot com.

  4. Shredder 1.1

    This old thing is still going.

  5. JavaScript Systems Music

    “Learning Web Audio by Recreating The Works of Steve Reich and Brian Eno.” Step-by-step examples, really nicely explained.

  6. Stacking the Bricks: How the Blog Broke the Web

    I don’t agree with this - that the chronological format, and blogging software - somehow “broke” what was good about the early web, but it’s still interesting to consider.

  7. Brutalist Websites

    A nice collection of websites that look a lot more interesting than most, to remind us that the interesting web isn’t dead. (I don’t like the term ‘brutalist’ for these, but still.) (via @gilest)

  8. How the Web Works: A Primer for Newcomers to Web Development (or anyone, really) | Preethi Kasireddy

    Looks like a good intro to the kinds of things many of us have as a mental model and take for granted. (via Adactio)


    A way of creating WARC files of collections of pages as you browse them, which you can then download. They don’t archive them permanently, although the new beta looks like maybe they will? A bit? (via One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age)

  10. Overshare: the story

    I’ve only watched half of this, Justin Hall’s new film, so far and it’s already resulted in me spending way too much time re-reading old emails, poking at, and being far too nostalgic for the old days.

  11. Adactio: Journal—Web! What is it good for?

    Another smashing post from Jeremy Keith. “What attracted me to the web was its remarkable ability to allow anyone to share anything, not just for the here and now, but for the future too.”

  12. The Historical Present - The Thread that Runs So True

    Leslie Harpold, who died seven years ago, on the web. “The web is made of people holding hands for safety muddling through the mazes of life, love, work, success, failure, and everything in between.”

  13. Native to a Web of Data (PDF)

    Tom Coates from 2006. Still good. “What can I build that will make the *whole Web* better?”

  14. My First Bookmarks

    The web bookmarks I used in 1995. They were originally written out on sheets of A4 paper, then at some point I made them into a web page. I don’t think browsers had bookmarking as a feature at first.

  15. Authenticity/Access | One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

    On how historical web pages (such as Geocities) appear differently now, even if you have all the original assets. eg, browser rendering, text anti-aliasing, MIDI audio, screen resolutions, etc.

  16. The Web Is a Customer Service Medium (

    “The web is not, despite the desires of so many, a publishing medium. The web is a customer service medium. ‘Intense moderation’ in a customer service medium is what ‘editing’ was for publishing. … Turn your readers into members. Not visitors, not subscribers; you want members.”

  17. Internet Archaeology

    Some lovely “old” fragments of the web.

  18. - Home of Shadow Plan for Palm OS

    Notebook, outliner, etc to maybe try one day, although the website design makes me distrust the software before I’ve even looked at it.

  19. How to make web buttons in Adobe Photoshop

    Cheesy, but first page is handy and quick.

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