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2007-07-27 (Friday)



  1. Company v Sole Trader > the tax comparison (£3,000 tax saving ?)

    Another comparison, with example figures for different levels of profit.

  2. Wahaca - Mexican market eating

    New Mexican place on Chandos Place in Covent Garden. Haven’t been. Yet.

  3. Swear-engine from Ben Hammersley

    “An entire episode of Deadwood, with everything but the swearing taken out.” Even more than I expected. I miss Deadwood.

  4. Using a Company to Save Tax

    Very handy guide to the pros and cons of sole trader vs limited company. Better at explaining things than my accountant and well worth the cash.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Right, Desktop clear, to do list shortened. Time to finally start watching Studio 60 and Heroes (on a video cassette recorder; so retro).

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    Hmm, hoped to get something new and creative done over the past two "free" days. But just website and life admin. Bah.

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    Annoyed to discover MT4 can't handle old dates. A problem for anyone blogging a 17th century diary.

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    Yes, of course I've read through your "website terms and conditions" your "National Conditions of Carriage" AND your "Ticket Restrictions".

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    Advance return to Bristol: £125. Two advance singles, same time: £35. Yes, this is how to get more people to use trains. ::Despairs::