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2018-05-30 (Wednesday)


  1. ‘The Actor’s Art and Craft’ by William Esper and Damon DiMarco

    My notes on the book that recounts a year’s worth of Esper teaching his variation of the Meisner acting technique.


  1. Second Life: Rethinking Myself Through Exercise, Mindfulness, and Gratitude – MacStories

    Detailed and honest article about using the Apple Watch as an aid to getting mentally and physically healthier.

  2. No Home Like Place

    Fun. Photos from AirBnB listings. Furniture in each one are replaced with matching objects (e.g. a chair for a chair) in a different photo. Click to go to that. Better than it sounds. (via Brutalist Websites)

  3. Brutalist Websites

    A nice collection of websites that look a lot more interesting than most, to remind us that the interesting web isn’t dead. (I don’t like the term ‘brutalist’ for these, but still.) (via @gilest)


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    @tomcoates Shuttup Dad!

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    Sorry, forgot to say “please”.

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    A website where you choose a list of companies and it generates files containing all their logos and HTML for use on your own site like everyone does. Select image size(s), original colours or a particular shade of grey, etc.

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    @gilest Oh it’s nice to see interesting-looking and varied sites again, ta.