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2021-09-06 (Monday)



  1. 404PageFound – Active Vintage Websites, Old Webpages, and Web 1.0

    Lots of old sites that are still live. (via Web Curios)


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    Me: I hate all these new buildings and renovations where everything is just shades of grey. So boring!

    Also me:

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    I’m looking to start a new adventure in December–January. Let’s have coffee if you might need someone roughly Nat-shaped.

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    "We're Listening?"

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    I enjoyed this piece by @philgyford on 'what was blogging like 20 years ago?'.… I remember the sense that blogging was a 'kind of private' space - more like a diary than a publication. (Livejournal anyone?)
    h/t @alexislloyd for the link