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Links tagged with “voting”

  1. UK Election Quiz

    I Side With’s quiz came out best in Francis Irving’s roundup. I got 97% Labour, 94% Green. “Your political beliefs would be considered extremely Left-Wing and strongly Authoritarian”.

  2. “I find politics inaccessible”: User testing voter advice apps : Francis Irving

    Francis Irving tests out a load of “Who should I vote for?” websites.

  3. The FactCheck Blog - FactCheck: How does the world rank FPTP vs AV?

    First Past The Post is mainly used by ex-British colonies. “What does seem worth noting however is that not one European country, apart from the UK, uses FPTP.” (via @JamesWallis)

  4. Vote for Policies - Vote for policies, not personalities!

    I should be mostly voting Green apparently, which doesn’t hugely surprise me.

  5. :: View topic - Has anyone else received the faulty postal vote forms?

    This all sounds a bit dodgy, in the City of London’s bizarre version of democracy.

  6. How Not To Sort By Average Rating

    Some maths, which I’m assuming is good. (via Infovore)

  7. Vote Match

    Help to decide who to vote for in the London elections. For me it says: Paddick, Livingstone, Left List, Greens… Still hard to decide. (via Haddock)

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