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Links tagged with “via:cooltools”

  1. Kiva - Loans that change lives

    I was trying to remember the name of this micro-loans site the other day and today it popped up on Cool Tools.

  2. UUA: Deep Fun

    A good source of games to play with groups of people, ideal as ice-breakers. (via Cool Tools)

  3. Zamzar - Free online file conversion

    Convert a file to a different kind. Audio, video, text documents, archives, etc. Plus download YouTube etc videos in a different format. (via Cool Tools)

  4. The Personal MBA Manifesto: Mastering Business Through Self-Education (Recommended Business Books)

    First time I’ve thought “that looks awesome” about something MBA related. (via Cool Tools)

  5. Universal Heritage Poster

    A timeline “summarizing 13.7 billion years”. (via Cool Tools)

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