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Links tagged with “via:benhammersley”

  1. Rocket—Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac

    Makes it easy to type emojis. I’m surprised typing emojis on OS X is such a pain. (via @benhammersley)

  2. The True Size Of …

    Nice way of comparing the size of a country, with it resizing as you drag it North and South. (via @benhammersley)

  3. Europe by train made easy | Loco2

    For future reference. (via @benhammersley)

  4. LUV & HAT: Love and hate and hilarious disagreements • PINTEREST

    Pinterest? “…it’s just Tumblr. It’s just Tumblr in a grid. And Tumblr is already woeful enough. Look, there are already enough Instagrammed pictures of sad girls holding balloons on the internet.” (via @benhammersley)

  5. London Tubemap - A new angle on the London Underground

    I like the original, but this compromise does feel more usefully connected to the geography of the city, rather than a complete abstraction. (via @benhammersley)

  6. How To Run A News Site And Newspaper Using WordPress And Google Docs - 10,000 Words

    Describing how the ‘Bangor Daily News’ (Maine, USA) uses Google Docs and WordPress to publish its website and then send the text to InDesign for laying out the print paper. Includes a list of WP plugins used. (via @benhammersley)

  7. One Click Orgs

    “Set up a simple, effective legal structure and voting system which can: help your group open a bank account; help your group hold property; keep the whole team involved in day-to-day decisions.” Very good. (via @frabcus via @benhammersley)

  8. BBC - Newsnight: Paul Mason: Twenty reasons why it’s kicking off everywhere

    Really, really worth a read, about the nature of young, disparate and distributed protest movements these days. “During the early 20th century people would ride hanging on the undersides of train carriages across borders just to make links like these.” (via Ben Hammersley)

  9. Vice Style » News » Riot Girls, Literally

    Wondering if VICE’s next fashion shoot will be in a war zone. Or maybe, yeah, like in Africa, you know, like with all the famines and that? Amazing light! (via @benhammersley)

  10. Evom - Convert and Download Videos to iTunes

    “Download internet videos (YouTube and more) to iTunes and iPod.” Handy. (via Ben Hammersley and more)

  11. Blinksale | The easiest way to send invoices online

    Nice looking online invoice recording and sending app. I’m not busy enough to need it right now, but maybe one day… (via Ben Hammersley)

  12. GeeKyoto2008 - 17 May 2008

    Just booked my ticket. Clever people getting together at the Conway Hall “to discuss the future and how we’ll live in it.”

  13. spEak You’re bRanes

    Amazing but depressing selection of comments left on the BBC ‘Have Your Say’ site. cf Mitchell & Webb’s “You may not know anything about the issue, but I bet you reckon something.” (via Ben Hammersley)

  14. Index to Poetry by Title

    Lots of Rilke’s poems. Might be handy when I need some poetry for college classes. (via Ben Hammersley)

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