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2016-10-25 (Tuesday)


  1. Rocket—Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac

    Makes it easy to type emojis. I’m surprised typing emojis on OS X is such a pain. (via @benhammersley)

  2. AWS Git-backed Static Website ·

    This is clever and bonkers. Why on earth would you run a static website like this unless you understood all of that? What do you do if something in that tangle stops working? Good luck!


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    @michalmigurski Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought: Electricity, Water.

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    @genmon I’ll swap you for my stash of Swarm Coins and Duolingo Lingots!

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    @ryan__park3r Thanks! No news on whether they’re closing existing products/services though…?

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    @iamdanw I remember, 15ish years ago, BT’s futurist insisting telephone boxes wouldn’t become obsolete…

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    @alexforey It’s one of those press releases that really makes you want to know all the backstory and arguments and fallings out and…

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    @LionCliftonwood Thanks for retweeting me. Hotwells indeed?! Nice to meet you. It was a pleasure to live next door for a year in 1992-3!

    City of London, London, United Kingdom

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    @iamdanw “I was there when Dan tweeted it from his private account. I’m losing my edge to the Internet seekers, who can tell me every meme…”

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    @annapickard @holgate @tominsam @indec I’ve been using that recipe for months without a problem (that I’ve noticed).

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    uck. Glad that's over with.