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2014-07-18 (Friday)


  1. Europe by train made easy | Loco2

    For future reference. (via @benhammersley)


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    @alexforey 153? Not sure if this is what you're after…

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    @benhammersley He could at least have taken his giant phone/wallet out of his pocket.

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    Welcome to Friday afternoon* on The Grumpy Old Men’s Internet. (*other timezones are available)

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    While reading the internet I find myself saying “THAT’S NOT A THING!” to myself with increasing frequency.

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    “I used to belong to a political party, my union, a local choir, and I knew my neighbours, but now I’m just in the #UberIceCream community.”

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    @tomtaylor @ntlk I have some nice shortcuts for spaces/tabs 2/4:…

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    @SnowAndRock Is your email address checked? Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t emailing a void :)

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    99% of #programming tutorials on the web

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    When I am knee-deep in project mess this is what everything I read looks like: