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Links tagged with “versioncontrol”

  1. Astonishments, ten, in the history of version control < Francis is

    A nice summary of advances in version control systems over the decades. With any technology it’s easy to forget the many incremental changes that make up the current norm.

  2. Git ready » learn git one commit at a time

    Very handy collection of git tips. Enough information to make sense, not too much to confuse.

  3. Git Reference

    Ooh, blimey, an actually useful and readable and understandable concise guide to Git. Phew.

  4. Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial by Joel Spolsky

    I also finally finished this, and it was the least scary thing about version control systems I’ve ever read. Is there something as un-scary for git/github?

  5. Mattb’s git and workflow Bookmarks on Delicious

    Links to examples of how people use Git. I still find it hard to get my head round this kind of stuff, and reading things like this helps.

  6. Flashbake: Free version-control for writers using git - Boing Boing

    Sounds nice and some lovely little features like saving info about the weather, etc when it automatically checks your files in. Contextual backup.

  7. Beanstalk — Version Control with a Human Face

    Hosted Subversion. Looks very nice. (via TUAW)

  8. Versions - Mac Subversion Client (SVN)

    Nice looking Subversion client for the Mac (er, like it says). (via TUAW)

  9. Luke Melia » Installing subversion at pair

    Maybe I should finally do this. Before I regret not doing it.

  10. Keeping Your Life in Subversion

    Using Subversion to backup all your files, and sync them among different machines. (via Tim)

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