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2005-10-09 (Sunday)



  1. - Warming Up - Friday 7th October 2005

    “So George W Bush is saying that God told him to invade Iraq. … The last person I remember who argued that God had told him to do stuff was Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper.”

  2. Fads are so yesterday - Los Angeles Times

    On how “coolhunters” are doing. I find the whole trend-spotting-in-order-to-sell-more-stuff thing pretty sickening. (via Boing Boing)

  3. Keeping Your Life in Subversion

    Using Subversion to backup all your files, and sync them among different machines. (via Tim)

  4. The Believer - Interview with Jonathan Haidt

    On whether moral judgements are based on reason. Not sure how much of it I agree with, but it’s interesting.

  5. Wired News: The Future Needs Futurists

    On the need for professionalising futurism. (via Annie)