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  1. The Dave Nice Video Show, Part Two: “I’d Be Delighted, Sir” – Dirty Feed

    Not sure I ever saw ‘Smashie and Nicey: the End of an Era’ but these posts are so good.

  2. Television: one of the most audacious pranks in history was hidden in a hit TV show for years.

    I love this – so 1990s – but also, if it was “like a virus”, it was a virus that no one noticed and had no effect on anything. (via Web Curios)

  3. Owen Hatherley · Wild and Tattered Kingdom: Fassbinder and His Friends · LRB 29 June 2023

    Hatherley writing about Ian Penman writing about Fassbinder (some of whose work I should really watch at some point).

  4. ‘Succession’ creator Jesse Armstrong is ready to talk about the series finale : NPR

    Interview. “It’s not that I don’t think people are capable of change or growth. I guess I would say they happen rarely, slowly and not necessarily all in one direction…” (via Ask MetaFilter)

  5. Alan Sepinwall – Rolling Stone

    Some good and insightful (US) TV reviews and recaps. (via MetaFilter FanFare)

  6. A Horse’s Remorse | Adam Thirlwell | The New York Review of Books

    I do like long articles about TV shows. Maybe I should get round to trying BoJack Horseman.

  7. Succession: Kill List | FanFare

    I enjoy the Fan Fare discussions of Succession, but especially the insights of “Tom Hanks Cannot Be Trusted” like this one comparing it with The Thick Of It, Veep, etc.

  8. Last of Us Arcade Scene | Page 3 | Museum of the Game® Forums

    Interesting thread and from this point some fascinating behind-the-scenes explanations. (via MetaFilter’s FanFare)

  9. The Mega-Meldrew Point (Updated) – BrokenTV

    This year I’ll be as old as Captain Mainwearing in ‘Dad’s Army’. (via the B3ta newsletter)

  10. Moviedromer - Full film list

    All the films that were shown as part of Moviedrome, with their original introductions. (via b3ta newsletter)

  11. Snub TV (UK) - YouTube

    All the episodes of this 1989-91 show which I assume I watched, given I watched a lot of Def II. (via Web Curios)

  12. Dirty Feed – What The Papers Say

    I enjoyed this investigation into the origin of a joke from ‘Yes, Prime Minister’. (via b3ta)

  13. Flamethrowers and Fire Extinguishers – a review of “The Social Dilemma” – LibrarianShipwreck

    I haven’t watched the programme but I enjoyed this very critical review of it. (via Dan Hon)

  14. JustWatch - The Streaming Guide

    I keep forgetting the URL of this site I occasionally use to check that the TV show I want to watch is only available on platforms I don’t have. So, bookmarking it.

  15. TV Chart

    Charting IMDb ratings of a TV show’s episodes over its seasons. I assume this is the same as the one that used to exist but had issues with the API? Anyway, I still like it. (via Imperica)

  16. The Real Reason Fans Hate the Last Season of Game of Thrones - Scientific American Blog Network

    Clickbaity title, but interesting on sociological vs psychological storytelling. (via Buckslip)

  17. Alice Spawls · On the Sofa: ‘Killing Eve’ · LRB 8 November 2018

    The show wasn’t perfect, but this is good on what was good about it.

  18. jdrama relationship chart - Google Search

    I’d never heard of these before, but kind of fascinating. (Someone thought I’d be interested because of Crazy Walls.)

  19. The Lost Picture Show: Hollywood Archivists Can’t Outpace Obsolescence - IEEE Spectrum

    From last year, on the amount of money and effort it takes to maintain archives of movies and TV shows.

  20. ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Oral History: Larry David on Crazy Auditions, Art of Cringe | Hollywood Reporter

    I enjoyed this and would like to read more. Can’t be bothered to listen to a podcast for more though. (via Daring Fireball)

  21. From Friends to Frasier: 13 Famous TV Shows Rendered in Plan | ArchDaily

    From 2014, fan-made floor plans of several US sitcom sets. (via Things Magazine)

  22. Famous TV Shows Brought to Life with 3D plans | Drawbotics

    Including Parks & Rec, Mad Men, The Office (US). (via Things Magazine)

  23. How To Talk Comedy Writer – Updated! — Andy Riley |

    Brilliant list of British TV comedy-writing jargon. (via Russell Davies)

  24. Grand Designs For Sale | Buildings From Kevin McCloud’s Iconic Television Series

    By the Unique Property Bulletin people, keeping track of which Grand Designs have sold, and when.

  25. No Moods, Ads or Cutesy Fucking Icons » “Humans”? They Weren’t Kidding.

    On why ‘Humans’ season one wasn’t that good. I mostly enjoyed it at the time but all this is true.

  26. The Americans: Slate TV Club Insider by Slate Magazine on iTunes

    Episode-by-episode from season three, for when we get there. (via Beeker)

  27. Thrones of Blood - The New Yorker

    Clive James on ‘Game of Thrones’. Really good, so many great lines.

  28. Findable.TV - Watch movies and TV series online

    See which services have the movies/TV you want to watch.

  29. Clive James: how did the BBC’s War And Peace measure up? | Television & radio | The Guardian

    Nice comparison, not only of the series compared to the book, but also previous screen versions. If only all TV reviewing was as good.

  30. Previously, On Arrested Development : NPR

    Charting all the running gags over four seasons, including their foreshadowing events. So good. (via Kottke)

  31. The Shield - The Wallflower Collection

    As infovore describes it: “A spreadsheet cataloguing all of “wallflower“‘s episode-by-episode guide to The Shield - his writing on it is so, so good.”

  32. David Chase on The Sopranos ending

    I love the detail about every shot and cut. (Linking to Kottke so you get a link to the scene itself too.)

  33. James Meek · The Shock of the Pretty: Seventy Hours with Don Draper · LRB 9 April 2015

    Good on ‘Mad Men’. A bunch of these criticisms are why I’ve failed to make it through the first season twice.

  34. Why the British Are Better at Satire — The Atlantic

    Comparing the U.S. and UK ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Veep’ versus ‘The Thick of It’.

  35. “You should be left with a fucking mess of unanswered questions” — Medium

    Good, long interview with Louis CK from a while back. About his career, childhood, writing, comedy, etc.

  36. The Oral History of Freaks and Geeks | Vanity Fair

    Lovely, long description of making the show by cast and crew, fourteen or so years on. Must have been brilliant to be a part of something like that.

  37. Graph TV

    Shows graphs of IMDB ratings for all episodes of a TV series. Nice and simple.

  38. How Jon Snow dissing the PlayStation 4 explains why no one cares you can’t afford a house

    Oh, yes, all of this. I’m baffled how things like TV and radio news seem to be written by and for white men over 50. God, that sounds naive now I’ve written it down. Duh. But still. (via @matlock)

  39. Just Another Day - Walton on the Naze - Part 1

    1983 TV documentary about the Essex seaside town, directed by Adam Curtis. On the one hand, it’s just how I remember it from those days, and on the other, 1983 looks really old.

  40. Brian Sewell: the BBC’s factual television is an insult to the nation

    Very good. So rare to find a documentary that is complex or deep and isn’t full of daft re-enactments or the presenter pretending to “discover” something.

  41. Double Agents in Love by Lorrie Moore | The New York Review of Books

    A decent, and favourable, review of ‘Homeland’. Good on the second series’ confusion, and the romance that doesn’t quite work: “Give Danes and Lewis a country cabin, a roaring fire, and a bottle of wine, and we feel only anxiety.”

  42. Recurring Developments

    Showing which episodes of Arrested Development each of its recurring jokes appears in. I’ve been researching recently; even better than I remembered. (via Waxy)


    I hope this new series of Adam Curtis posts on fake objectivity and neutrality analyse his own style. Really, that would be fascinating.

  44. TV Networks, Algorithms and the Demise of HMV

    I’m not sure i buy all of this, but some interesting thoughts in there. Almost says that without better discovery tools, Spotify is like HMV, huge but daunting and soulless. (via Paul Mison)

  45. The Loves of Lena Dunham by Elaine Blair | The New York Review of Books

    I did enjoy this review of ‘Girls’, which I haven’t seen. Good on how samey most TV drama sex is, for example. I love TV reviews that are this thoughtful; common for movies, not for TV.

  46. London 2012: Beware billions bollocks. Ceremony to be huge TV hit, but not that huge « Sporting Intelligence

    This is needed for every major TV event. And this doesn’t even take into account that NBC in the US isn’t showing the opening ceremony live.

  47. The rise of bokeh photography

    The BBC’s Paul Mason on using SLRs to shoot news footage, and the different kinds of video quality there are now (cf Charlie Brooker’s recent article on news footage quality).

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