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2021-08-08 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2021-08-08

    DIY, Mindhunter, and Promising Young Woman.



  1. Snub TV (UK) - YouTube

    All the episodes of this 1989-91 show which I assume I watched, given I watched a lot of Def II. (via Web Curios)


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    @mrstth I was pleased to see this guy have the same problem with exactly the same rawl plugs I was using!… I've since succeeded with some better ones. Phew.

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    Today before I started the Ride A lady came up to me and said ‘What your doing has got me out of such a difficult time in my life, Thank you’

    I hugged her and it was like she had had the best news ever. Was abit emotional 😂 The atmosphere on these rides is something else.