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2023-01-07 (Saturday)


  1. Winnie Lim » on leading a purposeless life

    “It is this space that I want. The space to move on, to tinker, to discover things I haven’t even thought of before. To be capable of giving up, letting go, quitting. I don’t wish to be fixed to something.”

  2. Timezones in Python - Benjamin “Zags” Zagorsky (PDF)

    I keep referring to bits of this, so I should save it. Handy examples of right and wrong ways to do times. (via Simon Willison)

  3. The Mega-Meldrew Point (Updated) – BrokenTV

    This year I’ll be as old as Captain Mainwearing in ‘Dad’s Army’. (via the B3ta newsletter)

  4. Café Royal Books

    Lovely series of small photo books. (via the Guardian)