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Links tagged with “suits”

  1. Mens Vintage Clothing - Suits - Harris Tweed Jackets

    UK online store of used jackets, coats, etc, reasonable prices.

  2. Abacost - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Alternatives to the traditional suit jacket are always rather weighted with politics. Mobutu’s Abacost, the Mao suit, the Nehru jacket…

  3. Classic Style and the Suit’s Ideal Proportions

    Using James Bond - specifically ‘The World is Not Enough’ - to illustrate the classic proportions of men’s suits.

  4. The Making of a Coat #1 - Introduction on Vimeo

    Currently 24 (short) videos about the process of making a bespoke coat (suit jacket). (via Made by Hand)

  5. How to get a ready-to-wear suit altered - Permanent Style

    I thought I’d saved this before, but obviously not. Not that I’ve ever needed it, but still, interesting.

  6. How to buy my first bespoke suit – reader question - Permanent Style

    Some good advice, but also for the interesting comments, especially from a couple of guys talking about do’s and dont’s in City firms.

  7. How to buy a suit

    Links to previous posts on Permanent Style about the different aspects.

  8. Made by Hand- the great Sartorial Debate: Indochino- How did my garment turn out?

    Tips on getting a made-to-measure suit, and an analysis of the good and less-good points on a particular suit.

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