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  1. Which house style suits your body shape? - Permanent Style

    Good to have a summary of the basic styles of suit jacket in one place, even if I can barely tell most apart.

  2. Building a capsule wardrobe: reader question

    Some suggestions for jackets and trousers for a more casual capsule wardrobe.

  3. Neapolitan tweed jacket – Elia Caliendo

    Mmmm, yes, maybe that’s the thing. Only *cough* €2800. So maybe not.

  4. How to get a ready-to-wear suit altered - Permanent Style

    I thought I’d saved this before, but obviously not. Not that I’ve ever needed it, but still, interesting.

  5. How to buy my first bespoke suit – reader question - Permanent Style

    Some good advice, but also for the interesting comments, especially from a couple of guys talking about do’s and dont’s in City firms.

  6. Loden top coat from Vergallo

    Nice coat (as you’d expect for €2000). I like the idea of lapels that button up like this, but this one looks somehow unfinished when done up.

  7. How to buy a suit

    Links to previous posts on Permanent Style about the different aspects.

  8. Reader question: Differences between bespoke tailors - Permanent Style

    While I’m at it, this from 2010 is also a good read.

  9. A new (dashing) tailor discovered - Permanent Style

    A post from 2009. Sounds vaguely affordable. Well, compared to Saville Row. And this writer seems very happy with them. Loads of good stuff in this blog’s archives; an education.

  10. The perils of bespoke casual clothing

    On the difficulty, or pointlessness, of having casual clothes bespoke tailored.

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