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2013-10-29 (Tuesday)


  1. Reader question: Differences between bespoke tailors - Permanent Style

    While I’m at it, this from 2010 is also a good read.

  2. A new (dashing) tailor discovered - Permanent Style

    A post from 2009. Sounds vaguely affordable. Well, compared to Saville Row. And this writer seems very happy with them. Loads of good stuff in this blog’s archives; an education.


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    @rex3000 Not enough?

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    Still waiting for my lunch to go down so I can have dinner.

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    @iamdanw @tomcoates Our Panasonic can have a custom label for each input, so it does that (if more manually than you want).

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    Every time I reset a @LittlePrinter’s personality I hear “I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... All those moments will be lost…”

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    @textfiles @yoz Lovely! I remember seeing that in the local computer shop for the first time and being stunned. 3D!!