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Links tagged with “sexism”

  1. Metafoundry 15: Scribbled Leatherjackets

    I’ve always been a little uneasy about the enthusiastic “makers are good, non-makers are bad” distinction that’s implicit in a lot of things in “our” world these days. Deb Chachra does a good job of explaining why. (via many people)

  2. Dan Golding — The End of Gamers

    This change in gaming seems long and slow and so I’m just picking out this one article to save as an almost arbitrary, but appropriately titled, marker for when gaming, and gamers, changed, (via @GreatDismal)

  3. What’s the difference between r/creepshots and a national newspaper?

    I’ve become worryingly inured that the Mail, Sun etc are full of scantily clad young women, but why the Telegraph thinks this is news is beyond me. I’d say “the sooner the hypocritical newspapers die the better” but given, for example, the Mail’s online success, that won’t stop this.

  4. Casting Call: Hollywood Needs More Women : NPR

    Something I’ve vaguely wondered about, researched and put in figures. If 17% of a group is women, then men think women make up 50%. And 33% women is perceived as being more than 50%. I wish there was a citation though… (via Paul Mison)

  5. At The Movies, The Women Are Gone : Monkey See : NPR

    On the tiny percentage of movies, especially mainstream, which is all most people get a chance to see in a cinema, which are about, never mind by, women. (via Paul Mison)

  6. Boys Clubs

    Highlighting all the 100% male boards, etc, etc. Very good. Also: Tumblrs as a hyper-focused lens on the rest of the web. (via Waxy)

  7. Growing Up Female | The New York Review of Books

    For the sometimes jaw-dropping examples of sexism from not so long ago.

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