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Links tagged with “sex”

  1. Scarfolk Council: Sex. Sex. Sex. 1978

    I keep giggling about the text on this fake biology textbook. “The flummoxes, the reproductive doughnuts, are sex organs located outside the body near the garage where it is cooler. They loll in a sacrilegious pouch that skulks behind the pensive.”

  2. What happened at the end of Flesh and Stone was sexual assault: Q&A « Reconcile

    About Doctor Who. Interesting. That scene did seem odd, if only because the show doesn’t usually refer so directly to sex but, also, if the situation was reversed the unpleasantness would have been more obvious. (via Yoz)

  3. Batteries Feel Included: 309 - Easy Solutions #1

    “So, you’re in love with one of your friends, but she has a boyfriend and probably wouldn’t have sex with you anyway.” Excellent, easy to follow, advice. (via Haddock)

  4. BBC News | Technology | Uproar grows over GTA sex scenes

    Sex scenes require a *higher* rating than blasting innocent people with a variety of weapons!? Weird Americans. (via Anne Galloway)

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