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2013-02-28 (Thursday)


  1. Scarfolk Council: Sex. Sex. Sex. 1978

    I keep giggling about the text on this fake biology textbook. “The flummoxes, the reproductive doughnuts, are sex organs located outside the body near the garage where it is cooler. They loll in a sacrilegious pouch that skulks behind the pensive.”

  2. David E Davis on the 2002: The Best Review Ever? | BimmerFile

    Apparently the best car review ever, about the 1968 BMW 2002 (PDF downloadable from down the page). Says very little about the details of the car. “To my way of thinking, the 2002 is one of modern civilization’s all-time best ways to get somewhere sitting down.” (via The Online Photographer)


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    @revdancatt Yeah, people always think I’m always busy with client work. I’ve never been sure why.

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    @muteboy Exactly, all that!

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    @ph Ooh, good luck, how exciting!

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    @alexbalfour2012 Tumblr?

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    @antimega I keep wanting sun, barbecue, American streets, relaxing with friends… but no, no desire for conference centres.