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2010-04-18 (Sunday)


  1. Week 356

    Getting towards the end of the project, not feeling good about pressure.


  1. Zachary Voase’s Blog » Django Project Conventions, Revisited.

    Clear and (to my naive eye) sensible description of laying out a Django project’s files. I’d love to see more good examples if you know any.

  2. PPRuNe Forums - Professional Pilots Rumour Network

    I adore forums for groups of specialised professionals.

  3. The Cutter and Tailor

    A forum for professionals. You know, for when Ask Andy About Clothes and Style Forum don’t quite get down to the nitty gritty.


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    @Popjustice At least the Observer linked direct to your Twitter page. @samuelpepys and others obviously don't merit the extra work.

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    If I didn't know about #ashcloud, I wonder how long it would have been before I realised there were no planes in the sky.

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    Sitting on the beanbag in the sun, with tea & cake, sunglassses & sunhat on, catching up with on headphones.

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    @ianbetteridge Dev differences aside, yr right: iPad apps focus more on reading articles; fewer distracting sidebars etc. Hope web copies.

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    @maxgadney What @tomtaylor said re iPhone note-taking. He is wise.

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    The only way I can force myself not to do computing is to stay in this coffee shop even longer. It's a hard life.

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    Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday @maryloosemore, Happy birthday to you!