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Links tagged with “perl”

  1. Scripting Languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby - Hyperpolyglot

    Handy comparison of features of Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby, for when my brain has trouble switching. (via Kottke)

  2. IMAP Folders

    Cal’s Perl script for seeing which of your IMAP folders are taking up most space. Handy.

  3. Install Movable Type on a Mac - Adventures in Movable Type

    This is always more pain than it should be. A handy guide.

  4. Kbinstuff -perl, Unicode/utf8,, apache, mod_perl and MySQL 

    My Perl scripts were never fetching UTF8 strings from a UTF8 database. Much cursing later, I found this reference to doing $dbh->(“mysql_enable_utf8”) = 1. Seems to work. Finally. Grr.

  5. Journal of ziggy (25)

    Using perl to extract ID3 data from the iTunes Music Library XML file and then update the relevant MP3s with the correct data.

  6. Perl on Rails - Why the BBC Fails at the Internet | I Am Seb

    The only surprising thing about this was that so many people were surprised. A lot of BBC employees’ energies are spent trying to circumvent Siemens, from desktop support to website hosting.

  7. » Posting to your Blog from a POP3 account

    Including simple “how to install Perl modules” guide.

  8. WWW::Odeon - A simple API for screen-scraping the website

    Wouldn’t it be awful if large numbers of Accessible Odeon websites suddenly sprang up everywhere…

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